Prince Bron
Bron Scion
Bron abusing a tavern maid in Scion #8
Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment
First appearance Scion
Created by Ron Marz, Jim Cheung
In-story information
Alter ego Bron
Species Human
Team affiliations Raven Dynasty
Abilities Great strength, Energy attack
Bron is a fictional character created for the CrossGen universe. He is the main antagonist of the comic book Scion, and sworn enemy of the hero and Sigil-Bearer, Prince Ethan.

Character detailsEdit

Bron is the oldest son of King Viktor of the Raven Dynasty. He is a ruthless and brutal man who suffers a bad facial scar during a ritual combat with Prince Ethan of the Heron Dynasty. Bron is a very dangerous fighter and a ruthless monster of a man.

Bron is regarded as too temperamental to rule by his father, who prefers Ashleigh, Bron's younger sister. Bron learns of this from his personal advisor and then lover, Mai Shen. He then murders his father and blames Ashleigh for the crime.

Mai Shen, determined to rule the whole world, sees Bron as a good tool for attaining power. She grants Bron with some of her own power, which is quite considerable since she is in fact a demi-goddess, one of The First.

Bron, with his new power, is able to defeat and kill Ethan in a duel to the death, but Ethan doesn't stay dead (either his Sigil or his own aid Skink heals him) and he escapes from the Raven palace along with Ashleigh.

Mai Shen lures the invading Heron army into an ambush, and Bron's Raven army utterly destroys it. Bron nearly kills Ethan's other brother in that battle. Bron and Ethan fight again and this time, Ethan wins. Bron is only saved from death by Mai Shen, who teleports them both away.