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Aristophanes is a Atalantean of legend that lived 10,000 years before the Transition. A warrior priest he commanded the legions of Atalan. In his era Atlantis was visited by a vessel from the stars. The vessel kidnapped many of the city’s citizens before leaving.

Days later runners brought word that the ship had landed. Aristophanes led his legions to besiege the alien craft. The battle ending with Aristophanes soldiers slaughtering the aliens within. He and another alien were the only ones left standing. Before they could fight each other the two were trapped in stasis.

Aristophanes would fade into legend, as a near invincible warrior eternally fighting a beast. According to the legend it was said that he would return in Atlantis’s time of peril.

In The ComicsEdit

Powers And Abilities Edit

While Aristophanes lacks the superhuman abilities of his Atlantean descendants, he possesses a keen martial skills and a tactical mind. He is highly adaptable even after millennia of stasis, he was able to understand the current situation and the threat of the Negatation. In addition he was capable of utilizing various advanced weapons used by the Terra Incognito soldiers.